The Fluxx Design System

Everyone at Fluxx was all for making "more user-centric" and "better" applications, and by building the Fluxx Design system, I was able to foster cross-team trust and collaboration while increasing our pace of design and development.

Though the system itself is still in its infancy, it has already been an important factor in establishing a source of truth for an organization that craves consistency across a suite of different products. Where previously the organization spun off new styles and flavors for each product, the Fluxx Design system has given me the opportunity to both improve our products' design and our employee efficiency.


  • Design Principles: Fluxx's North Star
  • Making our developers' lives easier (coming soon)
  • Establishing a component library (coming soon)
  • Loading states & perceptive performance (coming soon)

Design Principles: Fluxx's North Star

Before moving too far forward on major redesigns of our apps, I made sure everyone at Fluxx had a set of formalized pillars to think back to every time we spec'ed, designed, or developed a feature. I filtered customer interview feedback & pain points through our team and department goals to establish 5 basic principles for Fluxx applications.



Establishing a component library